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The GUNTA DRUM is a completely unique ceramic drum designed by drum maker Stephen Wright of Wright Hand Drums. The GUNTA DRUM, which can be described as a cross between a frame drum and the doumbek, is shallow and solid bottomed, with a side sound hole, and has a fixed goat skin head. It also features a simple system which enables the application of an internal mic, along with a comfortable shoulder strap.

This drum produces an incredible variety of sounds, from it's deep resounding bass, to it's sharp piercing highs. This is achieved by careful attention to every detail in the process of hand making each drum. The GUNTA DRUM is available in four full sizes and a mini. Each one is intricately carved with various designs, and is signed and dated by the drum maker.

MINI GUNTA 7 in. head $60.00
#1 GUNTA 10 in. head $100.00
#2 GUNTA 11.5 in. head $150.00
#3 GUNTA 12.5 in. head $175.00
#4 GUNTA 14 in. head $200.00
GUNTA SET of 4   $525.00

*for the internal mic application available on the Wright Hand Drums we suggest the Silver Bullet made by K&K Sound