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This is an incredibly versatile drum styled after the Arabic drum. This drum can be played by placing hand inside the horn-shaped base to vary pitch. The DOUMBEKs are available in four full sizes and a mini. The three larger drums come with a shoulder strap. They also features a mic port which enables the application of an internal mic.

MINI DOUMBEK 8 in. ht. /
6 in. head
#1 DOUMBEK 11 in. ht. /
7 in. head
#2 DOUMBEK 13 in. ht. /
8 in. head
#3 DOUMBEK 15 in. ht. /
10 in. head
#4 DOUMBEK 19 in. ht. /
12 in. head
Set of Four   $565.00

*for the internal mic application available on the Wright Hand Drums we suggest the Silver Bullet made by K&K Sound